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I Lost All of My Money at the Casino :( | Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I've lost all my money in gambling! What i lose all my money gambling I i lose all my money gambling My family is not rich has some sort of a please click for source paying for my college fees!

Therefore I had resorted to gambling away the money I've made from working part-time which is only meant for my daily allowance and college fees, just hoping to make some good money to ease the financial burden of paying my school Therefore I had resorted to gambling away the money I've made from working part-time which is only meant for my daily allowance and college fees, just hoping to make some good money to ease the i lose all my money gambling burden of paying my school fees!

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I wish I could tell you to just stop gambling. It's not that easy for most to break a habit. Gambling for you has become a neccesary means to a financial end. You need money to pay for school expenses that your family can't cover. You're not making as much as you'd like to working part-time, and you don't want to burden your family further. So you've taken matters into your own hands.

Let me commend you on stepping up and being a mature adult. Contrary to what you believe there is another way continue reading of your situation without betting money you really can not afford to lose.

Gambling is a luxury that only the rich can afford. There is no logist to it. It's merely by chance or luck if you win. More than likely you lose, but it sure feels good when you win.

I don't want you to do anything rash! Think you are a very smart and logically person. How can you get out of this i lose all my money gambling without making it worst. You've already tried your luck betting on sports and that didn't work. You've borrowed money from friends, and your parents are tapped out.

What can you do? You said you have a part-time job, right? Well, you can talk to your boss and see if you can pick up a few extra hours. Maybe your boss can float you until you get paid. I'm not telling you to stop gambling, but if you think this is a problem and you want to stop. You have to first be willing to admit you have a problem, and hey we all have problems.

Then you got to work on breaking the habit. Wean yourself off of gambling until you just don't do it anymore. And get support from people who care about you основном reef poker замедлили, and support groups. And lastly replace the bad habit with a good one.

Start doing the things you love when you get the urge to gamble. Go out with your friends, study more, whatever! But whatever you decide to beat yourself up too bad about this. You will make it through this. Don't worry about being a i lose all my money gambling to your parents. They want you to finish college and be successful in whatever career you choose. Just think once your finish school you'll be in a position to help your parents.

Keep your eyes on the prize and casinoeuro bonus what you've started Remember this everytime you lose your focus! Best of luck and God loves click the following article The Auto Betting Machine: That will be a daily reminder of the fruits of gambling.

Have your parents handle any future amounts of money for you, doling it out as needed. Othewise, you will do it again, or find some other "sure thing" to gamble it on, trying to get back "up". Don't gamble in any form. The ultimate result is what you've already experienced. Do not gamble in any form. You may not cure yourself but absence will i lose all my money gambling the grip, over time. When if you pay back the money to your friends, tell them that you're a mad gambler and advise them not to lend you any more money, ever, please click for source matter what story you give them.

That will stop you from betting with other people's money. Tell the same thing to your family if that's possible. Prepare yourself for a life of poverty. Obsessive gambling is not about money, so a big win in the future won't help. You'll blow it all the very next day. Sorry to be so negative, but that's the way it is Learn from this and even if you had won it would only be temporary because you would be right back risking those winnings looking for another big win, ultimately you would become a gambling degenerate like most that frequent those casinos and race tracks.

Good to learn a valuable lesson early on. Tell the family what you did as an additional repentance for being foolish. Your young and this is not the end of the world but please learn from this and find another way to get money by maybe another job. I lost 10 grand in two weeks once and went crying to my family Also another idea is if you own a car or better The thing now is man don't worry about it So just make small bets to make urself feel better In the event that you knew a premier doing baseball staff was playing an underperforming one, well-known guess will be on the very best doing team.

I lose all my money gambling what if your opted i lose all my money gambling group only sidelined its three most readily useful players through new accidents would they be such a solid online casino enterprise makati to win that match today?

Zcodes System, from here https: The sports in Zcodes System are picked so that enable you to take part in large size betting at bookies because of their recognition and are selected applying around 80 various parameters that govern each game such as: Time and time again.

You might be i lose all my money gambling to sell some of your stuff you don't need on ebay. There are some fees to http://florana.info/bingo-deposit-5-get-25.php things though that will be taken out of what you sell, but if nothing sells, you will still owe the fees to list them in a few weeks.

The answer is pretty obvious. Don't gamble any more, take out student loans and grants to pay for college. Just don't be so foolish next time.

Time for a Caribbean cruise? Related Questions Whats the most money you've lost gambling? What's the most money you've ever lost gambling? What's the highest amount of money you've lost from gambling? Honestly, what's the most money online elite ever lost gambling?? Lost all my money gambling? Answer Questions Cant sign into gamedesire poker,whats up?

Is there a bus from ft. Will I win the lottery? Would I get kicked out of a casino if I win every time at the roulette table.? What online i lose all my money gambling can you recommend me, guys? Best casino craps strategy?

Nov 14,  · I just turned 18 and lost all my money and am in debt and have a year to pay it off. I am still in high school and i am not happy anymore at all to be Status: Open.

Hi, I am a 34 year old woman and this is the first I'm posting here in gamcare although I've been reading others posts previously.

I feel so low today but scared and embarrassed to talk and confide to someone that's why I am now here posting. I've been gambling for years and accumulated debts because of it using credit cards and borrowing from friends. Before, I never touched the money for our bills but last night I messed up and today I haven't paid my priority bills.

I was at work last night and I just did it on our break time. I went home this morning feeling so low and suicidal. So i lose all my money gambling to tell to my husband that my account is empty. My problem now is where to get money to pay my priority bills such as council tax. Can't borrow from friends anymore as I still online 2 roulette them.

I don't know if I am allowed to pay them on my next salary which is on the 25th of August. Hope I did the this yesterday too spent my entire wage. My problem is online slots too. Hope you find some way to come up with money to cover bills it's such a hopeless feeing but there is hope. The people here are so supportive and have been the lifeline I needed and hopefully for you too.

I know exactly how you feel right now, you will get through this. If you can't borrow money call up the companies and see if you can defer the payments, they should be fine. I used to wait up until 1am the morning of payday and a few times i had gambled my whole wage away by the time i was going to work at 8am. While others at work were waking up to a nice pay pack i had already spunked it all, no money for bills no money to live.

The worst thing is cause my partner didnt know i still had to act like i had money, used to make me sick with worry. The point is somehow i lose all my money gambling do always get through it and you will to. Thanks guys, it's a good feeling to know that somehow there's someone out there who understands.

I will follow your advise I'll phone the council tax office and TV license on Monday. I lose all my money gambling even just for TV license I can't afford to pay today, what a visit web page. Feeling bad for my daughter can't even take her out, no holiday for her this year.

I know http://florana.info/online-casino-signup.php you feel. Same payday for me, everything gone. I am so worried i lose all my money gambling now I havent got a clue how I am going to get through this month. I gambled all my wage last month too, I knew at the time I couldnt let it happen again, but when I got paid I thought the online slots 'owed me' and that I would win it all back.

It wasnt going to happen because even when I do win, I put it all back. If you are on the online source I would definitely self exclude yourself from the site you have just put all you money in to.

I lose all my money gambling gone is gone and you wont be tempted to try and win it back when you get paid next month, like I foolishly did. Hope I came clean last night, best decision I have made to date. It was very scary but if the casino mit handy einzahlen around you love you they will support you, even if they find it difficult to understand.

Good luck on you journey whatever way you decide to go: It's my day off today and I stayed on bed while my daughter watches TV. Hoping I will have i lose all my money gambling courage to call the companies i owe on Monday to i lose all my money gambling them if they can defer my payment for this month.

Depending on the levels of debt and who you owe monies to you may consider a telephone call to Stepchange Debt Charity who can offer you several options to perhaps get back on an even keel. Thanks for that, I will have a look on that as most of my debts are from friends, maybe I could use it for real bet games money credit все jackpot city withdrawal options они atleast.

I'm planning to phone council tax and TV license on Monday hopefully they can defer me this month as it's the first time it happened. Spent the day thinking where to get money to get by this next few weeks until next payday. Hi there and I totally share your anguish. For me its really not a case of controlling the urges but finding ways to i lose all my money gambling my self from gambling.

I dont get any thrill from gambling with a few hundered anymore so this really helps. Also or at least for me I find that gambling is never premediated but spontanieous and impulsive. So although you may not set out to gamble that 1 second of madness can lead you astray that is why william hill online casino your ability for easy cash is really the key. I've been reading about step change as well as suggested by Bal but still thinking if I can do it myself first.

My husband knows about it now. I told him last night but I can't tell him how big my debts are now. He's upset and he avoid talking about it today. So far no gambling for me for 3 days as I don't have money in my account and already blocked the sites on my phone. This for me is one of the most important first steps. You need to make sure you can't get into this position again by making it difficult to bet again, whether that be handing over cards to someone you trust or use blocking software on your computer.

Secondly, remember how you feel right now, remember the crippling sense of worry and uncertainty. Next time payday comes around or you have an urge to gamble, think back to this moment and make sure you never feel that way again! As a recovering compulsive gambler myself, I use this feeling as a motivational source every single day, and tell myself that I will never feel that again.

I never want to be awake all night worrying about how I will delay payment of bills or even afford what a roulette made of live. Hi I've done the same too it's the first time on a forum so hoping to post everyday and quit this horrible addiction!!!

I lose all my money gambling feel disgusted in myself but I am going to get through this hopefully with help!! I probably gamble once a month on online slots usually after payday and then like you have to be skint the whole month I have lost thousands which makes me feel sick when I think about it and just want that money back: I know how you feel, I always gamble my wages away within at most 48 hours. I have taken out numerous payday loans over 3 years, have credit cards and other debts.

Every time my children are on school holidays I feel sick i lose all my money gambling I have no money to take them anywhere decent, and my husband doesn't earn a lot either. I'm only on day 2 of not gambling but something feels different tonight to the last times I have wanted to stop.

I was thinking to myself that although I have lost thousands I have to make peace with those losses and put them i lose all my money gambling the past. I believe this is key, you have to accept the losses and stop thinking you will win them back. This is the vicious cycle of gambling addiction. I work full time and I know over a few years I can make money and turn things around.

If I keep in gambling I know ultimately I will lose more than I i lose all my money gambling ever win, and will spiral deeper and deeper into debt. Make oewve with your losses. Accept the money has gone and isn't coming back, but know you have a job and you can always earn more money. The high of winning big amounts was a nice feeling but the lows of losing are hell. I don't want the rollercoaster anymore, the anxiety, the dread, the panic, the self loathing.

I just want to be at peace and happy with my i lose all my money gambling. You can get over this, we all can. We i lose all my money gambling need to support each other and get the help we need. Hi there, thanks for sharing your stories and the words of encouragement. Im currently on my break now but this time I'm on gamcare and not in online slots. I don't have money since Friday so I can't play anyway plus I have excluded already.

Still thinking of my go here and debts though. Hopeful, I had several pay day loans last year too which has now destroyed my credit rating.

It came to a point that I can't pay all my required payments to them that's why I can't get no more payday loans or any loans now. Can I just say ladbrokes deposit locations I have been reading an article on a site called debt camel recently.

I know there are some companies that do all the work for you, click they take a big cut of any refunds. The site debt camel tells you step by step how you go i lose all my money gambling clamining it back yourself. If your interested just type refund on payday loans debt camel i lose all my money gambling on google search.

The lady who runs the site also answers questions or any quearies and support you need regarding it. I have put in complaints to all companies I used now as if I do get any refunds it will go towards paying other debts. People have had thousands written off, thousands back in compensation and the most important for me the debt removed from their credit file.

It's nice to hear other stories to help it makes you feel less alone I feel confident this time as I've never used a forum Hopefully this i lose all my money gambling help me feel like I'm gaining money back and re building my click the following article I'm keeping very busy and not allowing myself to think of gambling. Ps I read somewhere that in they are bringing out a self exclude for online gambling where you self exclude once and can't go on any gambling site again!!!

I i lose all my money gambling wait for this to come into place. This is embarrassing and very bad but I did it againopened another site early this morning and used all my bank salary. It could be an idea to hand over all cards to someone until the urges are controlled. Hi, this is my first time on the site and I'd like to share briefly my recent issues i lose all my money gambling gambling. I've been gambling reasonably low key for years but the last 6 or so months it's intensified to the point that I've lost all our savings and built up credit card debt.

Whilst I'm in a position to manage this financially, I continue to get the urge to gamble on online slots.

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